Posted by: redqueen | September 12, 2005

The Beginning

I opened this blogger account in April of this year and never really got around to doing anything with it. Events, since Katrina struck, have dramatically altered my mindset and 9/11 seems the right time to start engaging in something constructive.

I’ve spent all of this month glued to news of Katrina, from the main-stream media to indy radio and blogs. The main-stream seem to be losing the courage they gained when confronted by the horror of New Orleans. I have a horrible feeling that the thousands of poor people from New Orleans will be spread around the country and forgotten. The little that they possessed gone and nowhere to call home.

I was always taught that good things could be produced from almost any tragedy. The flooding of New Orleans was the ideal opportunity to rebuild and address the problems that existed there. Why give lucrative contracts to the fat cats? FEMA could supply trailers for people to use while they clean-up and rebuild their city. Training could take place on the job and others could be employed to cook meals for the community, with the knowledge they would have a decent home in the future. Something along these lines would give all concerned a purpose, allow community spirit to thrive, heal the horror of what happened and restore the self respect taken from them in the terrible days spent as prisoners when they were really the victims.

It is becoming more and more obvious that there are a lot of hogs with their noses in the Federal ‘trough’ and they’re getting fat on it. I’ve heard a lot of talk about alleged New Orleans and southern ‘corruption’, which seems a bit rich coming from an administration that appears to be riddled with nepotism.

This month I have seen the real America, which has a big, caring heart, and it is nothing like many of it’s politicians.

At the start of this blog I mentioned 9/11 because since that event my feelings for America have been steadily eroded by the actions of it’s leaders. Katrina has made me realise that the real people of America are suffering and to these people I owe an apology.

I had no idea, of the wholesale environmental destruction taking place, the extent of poverty endured by so many or the enormous amount of people who are trying so hard to change it. To those people I extend my humble apologies for my ignorance, anger and detachment.


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